I’m having a sale! 30% off all hair accessories and other items! I’ll also have some new items up for grabs as well. Keep your eye on my etsy!

27.Jun.2014 Nerdy X-Stitch

2 new Xstitches. Top one Good Ol’ League of Legends. Bottom Zelda + E.E Cummings

 Wards save lives Zelda_Xstitch

04.May.2014 Cross Stitch!

This is one of my new projects. I wanted a little get-a-away from plush making so I decided to dive into the world of cross stitch. This is my first one, I created it for my husband. He has Stay True tattooed on his hand so I thought it fitting. It was a frustrating and time consuming project, but I do enjoy the final product. My next ones will be a bit more in the style of subversive Xstitch or have geeky quotes in them. I have a whole list of fun ones I want to do.

Have no fear, I’ll still be making new plush. This was just my little break from it. =)


03.Feb.2014 Taking a hiatus

I’m taking a small hiatus from taking plush orders. Mostly because I have big plans for some awesome new plushies. Keep your eye out…make sure to place plenty of wards…



06.Oct.2013 SC2 Ultralisk inspired plush!

Freshly stitched! I just created an SC2 Ultralisk inspired plush! He’s the Largest plush I’ve ever made…he’s ULTRA.

Size = 24″ x 17″-ish  ( tail to end of tusk x Tusk outer edge to tuck outer edge)

I am not taking orders on this plush, but may have one or more up for sale on my etsy page before the holidays.




25.Aug.2013 Another fantastic trade!

The below images are not my items, they are items made by Cuteling


I recently had the honor of doing a trade with the lovely Mel, owner of Cuteling’s shop on etsy. She is a maker of fine hats. I highly recommend picking up one of these. They are awesome! When I received my hats, I was surprised at how soft and relatively light they were. They are great for summer and winter. These hats are also very well made. I don’t normally like to post pics of myself online but they were so cute I couldn’t resist having some photo fun.

Also I have some new hair clips for sale!


06.Jul.2013 PLUSH GIVEAWAY! – JULY 2013

I’m giving away one of my

Baneling Inspired plush!

That’s right I’m giving away one of my Baneling Inspired plushies to one lucky winner!

I also have some Baneling Inspired plush and other goodies up for sale on my Etsy!! https://www.etsy.com/shop/BoRoShan

How to enter the Giveaway

There are two ways to enter. Entering both ways gets your name in the “hat” two times!

  1. Go to my Facebook page <—Click here and find the Baneling Inspired plush Giveaway post. LIKE and SHARE the post to get your name in the drawing. Please like my facebook page if you want updates on available plush and future giveaways.
  2. Follow me on twitter. twitter.com/BoRoOfficial <—-Click here


  • Giveaway goes from 7/6/2013 and ends 8/3/2013. A name will be drawn at random on the 3rd and the winner will be contacted by 8/5/2013. I will post the winners name on my facebook page as well.
  • If you are contacted as the winner, I will require your address to ship out your plush. Your information will not be used for anything other than shipping the item. You must also respond within 2 weeks of being contacted. Otherwise I will draw another name.

10.Jun.2013 How it’s made – Melvin from Eat Sheep

I was commissioned by a friend, who worked on the game Eat Sheep, to create a plush based on the character Melvin. It was a little treat for the fine folks that worked on this game. While making this critter I decided it was about time I showed my work.

Step 1: The pattern

  • After taking a look at the Melvin character I decided to try something I haven’t done before. An open mouth! So I researched how to make puppets and based my pattern design from that.
  • Then I drew the pattern out onto the fabric and cut it up. (sorry, not going into too much detail on my pattern making process…because I’m lazy)

Step 2: Sewing

  • Now I had to start sewing the pieces together. Arms, teeth, horns and the front and back parts of the body

  • Then I continued on sewing the main body with my trusty Janome ThreadBanger!

Step 3: Putting it together.

  • I start by turning it right side out

  • Then I need to add the mouth into his mouth hole.
  • The mouth is made of a thick cardboard with felt glued onto it

  • Now the mouth is glued in. I need to add the eye balls, stuff him, sew him up and add the teeth and horns

Step 4: Details and finishing touches

  • Now to hand sew on his stomach and dots.

  • Now to finish it up by sewing on the arms.

And here is the finished product!

I enjoyed doing this project. I got to learn something new and I am very proud of how they turned out. Hope you enjoyed my little “How It’s Made” and pardon any of my grammar or poor spelling. I swear no matter how many times I go in and proof read these things something always gets past me. Pretty sure there is a Grammar Gremlin that comes in and messes with my text.

05.May.2013 Hydralisk Inspired plush!

I’ve had this pattern for awhile now, I made one as a commission a long time ago. I re-discovered it and decided to make more. As of right now there are only 2 of these beasties in the world!

Buy it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/150349386/sc2-hydralisk-inspired-plush-ready-to?ref=shop_home_active

For updates on plush and such for sale friend me on Facebook and Twitter:

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16.Apr.2013 Injustice Lauched today!

If you haven’t already, go pick up Injustice! I had the privilege of being on the team that created this lovely DC fighter game. I worked on storymode, some of the fun level transitions, and more! I’m not huge into fighting games, but I do quite enjoy this one. A lot of “OOOHHHHH” moments when playing with friends.

I also made some silly little comics to go with the storymode. So play through storymode and you’ll understand these comics a little bit more. =)

Click to enlarge:

And another fun one, having issues with the size of this one on my site so it’s a little squished. To see the larger version copy paste this link into your URL: http://boroofficial.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/WhatAboutFlash.jpg





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